Mitsubishi Mirage 2016

Mitsubishi Mirage 2016

The Mitsubishi Mirage is back with a nice sporty little face-lift for 2016, but is it still a match for the competition?
Time was that if you wanted an entry level car what you received was essentially a glorified tin can: you got an engine, some wheels, a steering wheel and seats were considered a luxury. Now, though, things have changed. Even at the lower-end of the market people expect a certain level of quality and that’s owed to cars such as the Mitsubishi Mirage.

Affordable style
Since it first hit the market it has been one of the leaders in this class offering an in-expensive price, economic running, and good build quality. This year it’s back and it’s got a brand new look.

The styling has been refreshed both inside and out to give it a much sportier and elegant feel. The audio system has been updated and it’s received nice features such as a navigation system and Bluetooth. In short, this feels like a much more expensive car than it actually is.

You can get it in a choice of models. The hatchback fits well and truly into the micro-car range and will be perfect for nipping in and out of busy city traffic. The sedan is a little larger and takes it up into the light car category. It’s much more than just a hatchback with a trunk strapped to the end – its dimensions are bigger all over. Both cars, though, make the most of their space. They have Tardis-like qualities and while they are small on the outside, there’s plenty of room to move around inside.

Here the interior is plush and comfortable. The audio system is easy to control direct from the steering wheel and can play CDs, MP3s and has a port for a USB. It comes alongside a navigation interface which includes options such as blue-tooth and much more.

Safety is taken care of with a total of six airbags – two in the front, a couple on the side for side impacts and two curtain airbags to counter the risk of head injuries.
Easy driving
On the road it’s comfortable to drive and comes with features such as cruise control and a hill start assist which makes it easier to get started on a slope by automatically controlling the braking.

It’s not going to break any speed records, but it’s not meant to. It is what it is – a compact entry level car for people who are looking to get from A to B affordably and with the minimum of fuss. Prices start from around $13,995 which makes it an ideal place to get started.

The Mitsubishi Mirage has always been at the front of what is becoming a highly crowded marketplace, which places plenty of pressure on this new update. It’s mission is to take everything which was successful about the old car and put it into a slightly more sophisticated model. It does all this and more.  Indeed, there are few cars out there which can give you as much for as little.